DCI - 1210A Alarmed Exit Device - Exit Only


DCI - 1210A Alarmed Exit Device - Exit Only

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PANNEX—The maximum security provided by the interlocking latch and strike with alarms will deter theft while maintaining life safety requirements. The 1200 Series Rim Exit Devices are converted into exit alarms by inserting alarm modules into the housing track system. Alarm modules are powered by battery, remote power with battery standby, or remote power only.

No. 1210
No. 10 alarm; with 1 ea. 9V alkaline battery. Audible chirp as the low battery indicator. Field select continuous horn or 3-5 minutes sound and reset. Field select intermittent beep or steady horn. Current Draw: alarm in “ON” position– 3 uA. When alarm is sounding–21 ma.

A 110 decibel piezo horn. The horn sound is only activated by depressing the push bar when in the “Alarm On” position. The sound can be continuous or intermittent, and can be selected to have the alarm reset after 3 to 5 minutes.

All alarms include a mortise cylinder with Schlage C keyway, and standard Yale cam. Specify 15/16" thru 1-1/ 8" when alarm is to be keyed by others.

UL certified ANSI/BHMA 156.3-1994, Grade 1
UL Listed 3 hour Fire Exit Hardware
UL Listed Panic Hardware
Conforms to 1997 STD. U.B.C. 7-2
Accepted by NYC MEA 337-92M
Listed by CA State Fire Marshal
Weather Resistant for Outdoor Use
ADA compliant