Dorma RTS88 Overhead Concealed Closer


Dorma RTS88 Overhead Concealed Closer

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Architects are often challenged to design buildings that are both beautiful and functional, down to the last detail. The DORMA RTS88 overhead concealed door closer offers the perfect solution for those who prefer the aesthetic advantages of a concealed door closer.

The RTS88 is designed to give lasting, dependable service where surface applied units and other types of closers are not suitable, or would interfere with the architectural design. It can be easily installed in wood, aluminum, or hollow metal doors and frames, for single and double-acting doors.

Contractors appreciate the RTS88 closer, because the majority of door and frame preparation is done prior to installation of the unit, resulting in less on-site machining. The RTS88 is also an excellent replacement closer for problem entrances.  

DORMA RTS88 Series overhead concealed door closer for both
single and double-acting doors. The RTS88 will consist of a steel
cam, rollers, and springs housed in a compact cast iron body.
Closers will be capable of being installed in minimum 1-3/4" x 4"
headers. RTS88 will have maximum door opening to 90º or 105º,
trim conditions permitting. Sweep and latch speed will be
controlled by two noncritical adjustment valves from 90º or 105º
to closed. Built-in pressure relief valve will protect the closer from
abuse caused by forced closing. A mechanical backcheck
combined with a positive stop at 90º or 105º will be provided to
protect the door and frame. The RTS88 closer will be available
with hold open at 90º or 105º, or without hold open.