"I did a lot of research looking for just the right closer for our needs. I wasn't certain but decided to try your QuietTouch S123 residential door closer and placed my order on a weekend. I received it the following Thursday. Thank you. The next Saturday morning I was itching to get it installed. The instructions were easy and the included template made short work of it. I had it installed, adjusted and working silently flawless in less than 30 minutes. Awesome. With young active boys constantly running in and out at break-neck speed who have no time or worry for tedium like doors slamming or being left open, it was impossible to keep the bugs and heat out or get enough peace to take a nap. Quite simply, the door is never left open, never slams and I'm not even aware it's being used. Your closer does exactly what is claimed. Best money I've spent in a very long time."

- David K. of Gresham, OR:


"Edie told us she used a non hold-open Quietouch for her basement door and is so relieved to know that the door will automatically close and she doesn't have to worry that her little boy, and now a new baby, will fall down the basement stairs. She just ordered two more with the hold-open feature so that she can put one on the door to her garage so she can have the door hold open while she brings in her groceries. Edie and all of her friends just love the design and the great quality of the closers."

- Edie G. Fost of Pond Ridge, NY 


Dear Sirs:

"I have just installed your Quietouch SN123 on my new security screen door. I had to write you because it is so infrequent to find such an excellent, high quality and affordable product on the market today. I am very impressed that it works so beautifully and looks nice too.
Thanks for producing it"

-Quietouch Customer


To the Tech Support Department: 
"I just wanted to say “thank you” one more time helping me with the instructions to install my gate closer. It is a great product and it looks great too."


Dear Sir: 
"My wife and I are really happy that we finally found the product we needed for our home. Our screen door had spring hinges that made it slam every time. We found your products on the Internet and we had it home in no time. The installation instructions are really easy to follow and the templates are perfect. Great product, we will recommend it to all our neighbors."


To Customer Service: 
"We installed the SN123 in our baby’s room and it is really quiet! Like your ad says: No more slamming doors!"