Sentinel 5000 Series Surface Door Closer


Sentinel 5000 Series Surface Door Closer

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Sentinel’s 5000 Series surface mounted door closer is designed to provide long lasting durability and allow for easy installation in most applications. With the three different size options, adjustable latch, and sweep and back check, the 5000 series can be adapted to suit any situation you may have.  All 5000 Series closers have cast aluminum bodies with high compression steel springs and hardened rack and pinions for doors opening 180 degree maximum. These door closers feature body and arm assembles that are corrosion resistant and can be installed in regular, top jamb and parallel arm applications

The 5014 closer has an adjustable spring power from size 1 thru 4, complying with 5 lb. interior and 8½ lb exterior barrier-free opening force restrictions. The 5036 closer is adjustable from size 3 thru 6, providing an excellent closer for use in external door applications. The 5000 closer is also available in fixed size 3, 4 and 5 spring tension. 

NOTE - The size 3 version of this closer, part number 5003, has a shorter hole pattern. 
8-1/4"   x 3/4"  Hole Pattern (5003 only)
9-1/16" x 3/4”  Hole Pattern (5004 - 5005 - 5014 - 5036)
• Available Finishes Painted Aluminum & Dark Bronze
• Adjustable Latch, Sweep, & Back Check • Tri-Packed Regular, Top Jamb and PA Mountings
• Adjustable Sizes Available 1-4 and 3-6
• Set Sizes Available: 3, 4 and 5 • 5-year manufacturer’s limited Warranty