Adams Rite 4590 Flat Paddle w/ Cam Plug

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Adams Rite 4590 Flat Paddle w/ Cam Plug

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Description: The 4590 Deadlatch Paddle is an ergonomically-friendly alternative to a knob or lever handle. Operate with a simple push or pull.

Function: An alternative to knob or lever handles. Makes opening a latched door as natural as opening an unlatched one – just push or pull in the direction the door swings. Available for any Adams Rite 4300, 4500 or 4900 Series Deadlatch, MS+1890 Deadlock/Latch, or 2190/2290 Interconnected Deadbolt/Deadlatch.

Operation: Available in four modes: push to left, push to right, pull to left, and pull to right.