Dorma 8300 Series Rim Exit Device


Dorma 8300 Series Rim Exit Device

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The Dorma 8000 Series touch-bar, rail assembly and integral parts are constructed of solid steel with covers and end caps developed from high-impact ABS thermoplastic. The devices are offered in an array of durable powder coated finishes and stainless steel. 

Devices are available for labeled and non-labeled openings. Rim, surface vertical rod, and surface vertical rod "less bottom rod", along with a full range of trim options which allow access from the secure side of an opening, make the 8000 Series the perfect choice when an economical and reliable exit device is required. 


The Dorma 8000 Series is listed by U.L. and C.U.L. under their continuing reinspection programs and conforms to standard U.L. 10C and U.B.C. 7-2 (1997) positive pressure testing. The Dorma 8000 Series is certified to the requirements of ANSI/BHMA A156.3 for grade 1 exit devices. Miami-Dade County Florida acceptance No. 06-0914.04 Expires: 01/03/2012