Falcon 1490 Concealed Vertical Rod Exit
Falcon 1490 Concealed Vertical Rod Exit


Falcon 1490 Concealed Vertical Rod Exit

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Falcon original pushpad device.
The 1490 is Dor-O-Matic's heaviest device and offers a clean appearance with pushpad styling and a variety of practical features. The 1490 is built with rugged steel operating mechanisms, and durable aluminum push bars and end caps.

Hand: Specify RHR or LHR-supplied RHR if not specified. Both handed labels are provided standard.
Functions: See trim selection chart on this page.
Finishes: US28 and DC13
Strikes: PB48 top.
Latches: RL - Rod bottom latch (standard), Hex bottom latch (standard for EL) 
Dogging Feature: Quarter turn hex dogging standard. No threaded parts to
wear out.
Cylinder: Rim
Sizes: 36"
Doors: 13/4" thick metal doors
Projections: 23/4" maximum, 2" when dogged. Pushbar height is 3".
Stile: 13/4" minimum.
 All mounting screws are concealed. Uses all machine screws for
device and latch.
End Caps: 
Durable zinc die cast, powder coated.
Vertical Rods: 
1' standard, extension rods available up to 7' 10."
Certified ANSI A156.3 2001 Grade 1 standards.
1490 is hurricane rated-consult door manufacturer’s listing.