Falcon 1692 Concealed Vertical Rod Exit


Falcon 1692 Concealed Vertical Rod Exit

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The #1 Exit Device for Aluminum Doors

Falcon offers the standard in Grade 1 aluminum door exit devices, the 1690 and 1790. The exit devices offer long-lasting performance with a sleek, modern touch bar design. The 1690/1790 push bar width is 2-1/2". The device projects 3" in the neutral position, and 2-1/4" in the depressed/dogged position. It is also field reversible and is available in multiple lengths for doors up to 48" in width.

The design of the 1690 is ideally suited for demanding, high-traffic applications. The vertical rods and latch mechanisms are concealed in the vertical door stile, ensuring trouble-free operation. The cover plates and end caps are constructed of cast metal to hold up to rigorous use. A quick, single-point dogging feature in the housing deactivates the device and permits unrestricted traffic flow. This locking mechanism is designed to offer more versatility than crossbars, which require two-point dogging.


• Stile: 1-3/4" minimum 
• Center case provides a clear indication of direction of egress and completely covers the existing 1990 prep
• Metal end caps protect the device from caused by passing carts and equipment
• Available in Aluminum and Dark Bronze
• The 1692 price includes the necessary cylinder