IEI Prox.pad Access Control Hub


IEI Prox.pad Access Control Hub

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IEI prox.pad is a stand-alone proximity reader and keypad. In addition to operating as a self-contained single door access control system, it now operates as a reader with all IEI Secured Series Hub control products and with most 26-bit wiegand access control panels – as a proximity reader only, keypad with PIN only, or proximity an keypad (works with 2 man rule – check each access control system manufacturer’s instructions to verify prox.pad’s compatibility in these applications.

Prox.Pad Plus
Fully integrated single door access control system, RS 485 communication, includes software – network capacity 32 doors per site, built in proximity and keypad readers, requires 12 – 15 VDC operating power, and requires interface for direct PC connection or SEG-1 TCP/IP to serial interface for LAN/WAN connection.

  • HID Compatible
  • Compatible with all HID Proximity Cards up to 37-bit
  • Card & Code operation in IEI Hub systems
  • Works with most Wiegand access controls systems as a keypad and/or proximity reader
  • Perfect for single-door access control applications
  • Accountability of access event at the door
  • Assures security and integrity of controller
  • HID Compatible
  • Reader module can remote for added security
  • Indoor/outdoor/glass mount
  • 2000 users (stand alone)
  • Works with all IEI Secured Series Hub products
  • Wiegand panel front-end