LCN 4041 Series Drop Plates


LCN 4041 Series Drop Plates

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LCN Plate 4040-18-PA
Parallel Arm Drop Plate 
This is the drop plate that is required for a parallel arm mounting where top rail is less than 5 1/2” (140 mm), measured from the stop. This plate requires at least 2” (51 mm) minimum top rail. 

LCN Plate 4040-18-TJ 
Top Jamb Drop Plate 
This top jamb drop centers a top jamb mounted closer vertically on head frame where face is less than 3 1/2” (89 mm). This plate requires at least 1 3/4” (44 mm) minimum head frame. There are also additional drop plates available for the LCN 4040 Series Closer. 

Just ask our sales team if you have a situation that requires a different plate that may have measurements and dimensions that differ from the Top Jamb drop plate or the Parallel Arm drop plate.

These LCN series plates will allow you to install the LCN 4040 Series Closers on many different types of doors of all stiles and sizes. The Parallel Arm and Top Jamb Drop Plates for the 4040 Series allow for more versatility and for increased applications as well. Many times, a drop plate can save you much needed time and money when installing a surface mounted commercial door closer and are also necessary for proper installation in specific situations where there is a limited amount of space on a door or frame face.

Please feel free to ask our sales team any questions you may have about LCN closers and the many options and accessories we have to assist in accurate and proper installation.