Norton - 5700 Series Low Energy Operator


Norton - 5700 Series Low Energy Operator

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Norton’s 5700 Series is the latest generation of power door operators. Low energy door operators were once considered a necessity only for those with physical challenges. Today, due to the population’s busy lifestyles, the convenience of “hands-free” door opening is more popular than ever. The patented design of LEO is based on ease and simplicity. LEO installs in minutes rather than hours and consists of three basic components: inverter, motor and Norton’s 1601 closer body. 

What separates LEO from other operators is its ability to function as a standard door closer. When the door is opened manually, there is little resistance and the drive train and motor are not engaged. The 1601 closer, not the motor, controls the closing cycle. Since the door closer does not back-drive the motor during the closing cycle, there is no loss of closer efficiency. In the event of a power outage, the door can be manually opened and will close via the door closer’s spring force. 

LEO is listed with UL and ANSI/BHMA A156.19 and meets the requirements of ADA and ANSI/BHMA 156.4. LEO is ideal for doctors’ offices, retirement facilities, schools, churches, and any location where noise is a major concern and special features are not a requirement. LEO can be activated via wall switch, radio frequency device or motion sensor, and is available for push or pull side applications. Based on its dual functionality, ease of use and quiet operation, LEO offers the customer a unique choice!