Rixson 27 Series Offset Hung Floor Closer


Rixson 27 Series Offset Hung Floor Closer

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Floor closers provide the best mechanical means of controlling a door. They are designed to work with the laws of physics to provide long-lasting performance and reliability.The weight of the door is supported entirely by the bottom arm, which is directly connected to the floor closer spindle.

Application: Single Acting, Handed, Exterior or Interior Doors
Weight to 450 lbs.*
Door Width up to 4'0"(1219mm)

  • Built-in positive dead stop prevents door from swinging beyond the desired
    opening degree (specify 85, 90, 95 or 105°)
  • Separate and independent valves for closing speed, latch speed and backcheck
  • Available non hold-open (NHO),automatic hold open (AHO) or selective hold open (SHO) at same degree as dead stop
  • Rixson 27 Options: (Please call Sentinel at 1-800-327-7848 for a specific order request)
  • Model above is LAP (Body Only), if you are looking for a complete closer call your local Sentinel Door sales rep for further a assistance.
  • Delayed action available-prefix “DA”
  • Models available to meet ANSI A117.1opening force requirements. Prefix “PH”
  • Cold weather fluid available-specify“CWF” (not available for closers with “DA”)
  • Sealed closer available-specify “SC”
  • Available with 1-1/2" offset and 3/4" offset arms