Sentinel 800EXD Narrow Stile Rim Exit Device


Sentinel 800EXD Narrow Stile Rim Exit Device

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The S800EXD “crash bar” style exit devices are suitable
for narrow, medium or wide stile aluminum and hollow metal doors.
It is non-handed and reversible with a contoured cross bar that will
fit doors up to 42” wide and can be field sized to accommodate
narrow doors.

Grade - ANSI A156.3 Grade 2
Warranty - 10 years

*For Left Hand Reverse Door; order RH device
*For Right Hand Reverse Door; order LH device

• MATERIAL: Contoured anodized aluminum cross bar,
stainless steel springs
• LATCH CASE: 11/4” wide x 71/4” long with 1/2” stainless throw
• BACKSET: 15/32” from edge of door to center line of device
• STRIKE: Rim mounted roller strike with shim
• STILE: 17/8” minimum
• HANDING: Handed, please specify RH or LH
• DOOR THICKNESS: 13/4” standard
• DOOR WIDTH: Up to 42”
• MOUNTING HEIGHT: Recommended installation at 3913/32" from
floor to center line of latch or strike assemblies
• FASTENERS: Furnished with sheet metal, machine screws and
shoulder mounting studs with set screws
• CYLINDER: Accepts rim cylinder only
• DOGGING: Inside - push up dog pin rotate with screwdriver,
Outside - by key cylinder
• FINISHES: Aluminum and Duronotic