Von Duprin 6100 Electric Strike
Von Duprin 6100 Electric Strike

Von Duprin

Von Duprin 6100 Electric Strike

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Von Duprin electric strikes are known for their reliability, durability and security. The 6100 Series strikes are designed to withstand abuse. Their heavy-duty stainless steel construction is UL1034 listed.
6100 Series electric door strikes are designed for use with a variety of rim exit devices including rim nightlatch. Electrified strikes allow remote release of a locked door by activating a movable lip (keeper) using an entry/exit button or credential reader and can be a cost effective means for managing access. 6100 Series strikes come standard as 24 VDC in fail secure mode. 12 VDC and AC operation can be selected, as can fail safe mode and other options that enable you to configure these strikes to fit your exact needs.
Use 6100 Series electric strikes for retrofit applications or new construction. To assure the proper selection of an electric strike on new applications, lockset compatibility charts are shown on the next page. When using a lockset not listed or if retrofitting a strike to an existing application, please contact Von Duprin technical support for application assistance.

Features and Benefits

  • Five configurations available for rim exit and nightlatch devices
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Strike box allows horizontal adjustment to compensate for misalignment of the door or frame
  • 24 VDC standard with 12 VDC and AC operation optional
  • Two-piece plug connectors are furnished for ease of installation and removal during strike servicing
  • Options include rectifier kit for VAC to VDC conversion, dual monitor switches, entry buzzer and Allegion Connect wire extension
  • Six popular finishes available to suite with existing hardware
  • UL 10C 3-hour fire-rated electric strike (models 6111, 6112 and 6113 – fail secure only)
  • UL 1034 listed for burglary-resistant electric
  • door strikes